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The aim of education is knowledge, not of facts, but of values.

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Thiru kailaya hierarchy and kailaisree meikandar lineage H.H.Thavathiru santhalinga adikalar the founder of peruradheenam,lived in the 17 th centuary.

Our History
  • He was a Veera saiva sage.He authored four sacred scriptures.H.H.attained salvation on the day of Masi Maham.Then the mutt game under the headship of many pontiffs.
  • In 1939 H.H.aarumuga adikalar became the head pointiff of the mutt.He rendered his service for about 38 years.In 1950 H.H.Ramasamy adigalar became the junior pontiff and in 1967 H.H.took the charge of head pointff.
  • He toiled with his flowers and developde the mutt and establish educational institution.In 1972 medras university selected H.H as syndicate member.H.H rendered religious service as well as educational service.
  • He renderd his educational service as a professor,principle and secretary of the college.Simplicity,hardworking,perseverance,hospitality,and the uttermost involvement in commitment and on tamil language are some of his praiseworthy qualities.

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The professional standards and expectations

Thavathiru Santhalinga Ramasamy Adihalar


Thavathiru Marudhasala Adihalar



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