Faculty Profile

Every year at least one Faculty Development Program is conducted by the
institution and faculty members are allowed to attend faculty development
programs outside the college.The institution encourages the faculty members to pursue M.Phil/Ph.D and
they are permitted to use the Library and Laboratory facilities available in the

The institution encourages all the faculty members to use innovative methods. The
various methods implemented by our staff members are as follows:
1. Chalk and talk method
‘Chalk and talk’ is a formal method of teaching with a black board and the
teacher’s voice as its focal point. This method is used in class room by the staff of
both arts and science which helps students to view the words and understand the
topics easily.
2. Lecture method
By this method the faculty members have the chance to expose students to have
the materials available readily. This method helps the faculty members to create
interest in a subject. When the faculty members explain the subjects in a very simple
language. This method also compliments certain individual learning preferences.
Some students depend on the lecture materials delivered by the faculty members.
3. Interactive method
Group discussion in class is one of the interactive learning during lectures. If a
topic is given and the students are asked to discuss the topic at various levels this will
help the students to improve their knowledge. It also increases the student’s thinking
and interaction skills. When the student talks with teachers and friends in the class
frankly he builds up self confidence in him. Interactive environment is good for the
learners to present themselves in front of everyone where this is the time to train them
to be bold enough to present their views. This also motivates students and helps them
to improve their communication skills with people. In addition to this it allows
lecturers to make effective use of classroom resources. This leads to fast feedback
from the students.
Interactive learning in the classroom helps students to prepare more successfully
for the outside world. This is also helpful to maintain a teaching style that encourages
healthy debate between students and teachers. Though it is simple it is hard to foster
a good atmosphere because they fear reprisal or embracement.
* Availability of LCD projectors.
* Availability of INFLIBNET in the Library and its free access to staff and
* Membership in various science and social science bodies for faculty to gather
latest information.
* Organized conferences/workshops on e-content development for the faculty
and students.
* Hands-on training to staff to handle modern gadgets for use in teaching
learning process.
Impact made on the students:
* A magical improvement in the communication skills.
* Increase in computer literacy.
* Development of soft skills.
* Skill of handling modern technological teaching – learning tools.
* Induction of scientific temper in the minds of students.
* Improvement in the critical and analytical skills.
* Motivation to become lifelong learners and innovators.
* Promotes self-confidence in students.
* Enhancing employability skills.

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