Department of Tamil
Tamil classical music (Dhevaram) training -2012:
Dr. T. Sureshsivan,
Principal, Thirunavukkarasar Musical College, Madurai.
To enrich the Tamil classical musical art among the students, an workshop on Tamil
classical music had been given to the students on December 2012 for two days.
Palm Manuscriptology training- 2013:
1. Mr. Chokkalingam,
2. Mr. Gnanasowndaram,
Siddha doctor,Coimbatore.

Our college library is having hundreds of palm leaf manuscripts. To enrich the
reading, researching and maintaining the palm scripts an workshop on such matter has been
conducted on may 2013 for a week. Various trainings and measures had been given to the
Tamil language skill development- December 2013
1. Pulavar. Rasiyannan, Coimbatore.
2. Pulavar. Samiappan, Coimbatore.
3. Pulavar. Ilangeeran, Coimbatore.
4. Pulavar. Senthalai gowthaman, Coimbatore.
5. Pulavar. Jeganathan, Coimbatore.
To develop the skills (read, write and speak) on the subject an workshop on the matter had
been conducted for two days in the month of
December, 2013. Various types of training had been given by the scholars to enrich the
Drama – May 2014 :
1. Poet. Puviyarasu,
2. Mr. Ramaraj
To develop the dramatic skill among the students an workshop on drama had
been conducted for two days on December 2014. Sixteen students have took part in the
workshop and trained well.
Parai- musical instrumental training- 2015:
Mr. V. Shakthi,
Nimirvu kalaiyagam,

On the account of developing the art of classical instrument of tamilians named parai, seven
students have been trained well in the instrument. The workshop held for five days in the
month of august 2015.



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